Did Pollock sing while dripping? A short history of art history and art bars

Lecture performance von Olof Olsson

Donnerstag 9.2.2012, 20:00 hedis

No other art form can compare to visual art, when it comes the importance of the writing of its history. And while acting students are taught to act, and music students are taught to play, (contemporary) art students are taught to conceptualise.

In my lecture I will ask the simple question: why has the visual art field this fervent activity of conceptualisation and theory? Is it because visual art is deeper than other art forms? Or is it because we don’t really feel contemporary art to be necessary in the same way as we can experience a film or a book, and thus all these activities around it are needed to make sure, or at least to give an impression of, that the patient is still alive.

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